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How Voice-Enabled Technology is Changing the Contours of Higher Education - News

It’s no secret that voice-enabled technology is taking off in the domestic sphere, but how is this increasingly robust technology impacting education? To find out, we talked to Marissa Mierow, who leads Alexa Education at Amazon, delivering innovative experiences for both students and developers focused on education technology. Marissa's passion for education came early in her career when she was producing "edutainment" CD-ROM products for The Learning Company. It grew as she moved to Microsoft

How Sustained Silent Reading Keeps Students Curious and Engaged - News

This article is part of the guide, What Does Reading Well Looks Like? “I failed retirement,” chuckles Steve Gardiner during a recent conversation. After teaching English and journalism for 38 years in Wyoming and Montana and one year at the American School in Lima, Peru, and racking up numerous honors (2008 Montana Teacher of the Year) and certifications (National Board Certification and a Doctorate in Education) along the way, Gardiner and his wife decided to retire to Minnesota in 2016 to be

7 Ways to Get Teens Reading in a Smartphone Culture - News

This article is part of the guide What Reading Well Looks Like. One evening last week, I collapsed into bed after homework was finished, lunches were packed, and bedtime stories were read and happened upon an impassioned Los Angeles Times op-ed by high school political science teacher Jeremy Adams. In it, Adams decries his students’ lack of interest in reading and places the blame squarely on smartphones. My kids are still young, but I’m always thinking of how to instill in them a passion for

Adventure Camp: Creating the Ultimate Minecraft Experience

Adventure Camp is the camp that keeps on giving. Let me explain… Creative Minecrafters can develop unique adventures within the game, ranging from a desert expedition to discover an ancient artifact, to a “dropper” challenge, a kind of puzzle/parkour map where participants “drop” safely through a gauntlet of traps by guiding their avatar while falling through the air. The possibilities for adventure are almost limitless; some maps and storylines focus more on puzzle challenges, with others are
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